Before getting into the number one reason why SEOs pay for backlinks, first, I will like to reiterate the fact that creating top-quality content and using proper keywords alone do not guarantee a high ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). There are other effective strategies you need to implement in other to outrank your main competitors.


What are backlinks?


what are backlinks?


They refer to pointers used from one site to another which search engines have come to identify as a signal of importance and authority of one site over others.

These links connect one website to another. When you have about 10-100 links pointing to a specific website, that is seen by Google or any other top-ranked search engines as indicating that the website is authoritative, thus, the website is ranked high on SERPs.

Backlinks are a huge factor in determining the value and attractiveness of your blog.


Earning links (popularly known as link building)


earning backlinks


Making efforts to earn or acquire links (technically knowns as link building) has become a popular tactic among SEOs, bloggers, and webmasters. In fact, it has become a lucrative avenue for many who are in the business of selling “backlinks” — something that is strictly frowned upon by the almighty “Google”.


Links from authority websites


There are tons of websites on the internet that have established authority in their irrespective industries. Backlinks from these websites can;


  • Attract visitors to your blogs or websites
  • Help to boost your ranking on SERPs
  • Increase your brand awareness.
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If you are wondering why SEOs or anyone would pay a fortune just to get a backlink from any niche-related authority websites? Certainly, this is the number one reason why SEOs pay for backlinks.


The simple ways to get quality backlinks


There are effective ways to build quality backlinks. The most common method used by many SEOs is


Link outreach


link outreaching” — which involves reaching out to blog owners, webmasters in the same industry as you, to ask if they could include a mention of your website in a content published on their website (preferably one with high domain metrics- DA 50+ and 10k + organic traffic ) or a content created by you which you want to be published on their website.

If they agree to publish your content on their website which contains a hyperlink to your website, you have just earned a ” quality backlink” from their website, which can significantly cause your website to move up the rank on search results for relevant search queries or niche keywords


Publish quality content


Another common way to earn quality backlinks is to publish “quality content” on your website. You can research topics that are related to the theme of your website, that you think your site visitors may find engaging and valuable.

If you publish contents on your website that are “share-worthy” (causing site visitors to share on social media), your website will become popular for that topic and can rank high on SERPs. Once your website is visible on the first page, it will earn quality links naturally.

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Spy on your competitor backlink profile



Backlink profiles refer to the entire review of all the backlinks that a website has earned over time through published contents onsite or offsite. You can spy on your competitor backlink profile in other to know which websites are linking to that of your competitor’s.  Once known, you can reach out to those websites and ask if they can include a link from their website to yours.




I assume by now you know the number one reason why SEOs pay for backlinks. That being said, paying for backlinks violates the Googles Webmaster Guidelines.

You risk getting your website penalized (your site will be deindexed- removed from SERPs) by Google. I will strongly recommend staying off buying links except you know what you are doing.


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