YouTube has become arguably the most visited, used and patronized social media platform for video content. If you desire to gain one-on-one experience, then, use YouTube video. So optimizing the platform for search engines has become necessary for most of its users.

What does it mean to SEO YouTube Video? It merely means to drive more views, more subscribers, and more massive traffic to video content posted on it. By extension, it means an attempt to improve YouTube video ranking on search engines. Such video content has to be of high quality; it has to be engaging, and not necessarily lengthy.

The hard truth is: the more engaging and interactive your YouTube video is, the more YouTube’s algorithm and ranking it gets.

Take a look at the tactics you can deploy to SEO your YouTube video:


Use Catchy Keyword for title


Never underestimate the power of keywords in any content you post on social media, whether YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your web page of a blog. So, the next time you’re titling your YouTube video, ensure your competitive keywords. The good thing is that YouTube allows for 500-character keyword and 100-character title. That gives you ample options. Search for right keywords that fit into the content of your video. You could follow YouTube’s Search Suggest option where you’re open to several suggested keywords that match your video content or content title.


Use relevant keywords in Video Description


YouTube gives you feature where you can describe within 5000 characters what the video is all about. Try to use appropriate words that will find traction on search engines such as Google or Bing. It is advisable you add the most important words within the first 200 characters. Make the text of the description lengthy enough. You could also add useful backlinks.


Place video in Category


Make sure your video category matches the content of the video you’re publishing. There are different categories for different video content.


Set Video Privacy to ‘public.’


For easy access by everyone, make your video meta description public after you’ve optimized the metadata.


Use Annotations


 When people visit your YouTube page check your video, there are textual notes which appear as pop-ups. These texts are called annotations, and they serve as additional content for YouTube bots to crawl. In that way, it gives your video extra word background which is great for SEO ranking.


Encourage Video viewers to Comment, share


With comments on your video content, YouTube bots receive a strong signal about the video. The assumption is that the video is excellent and useful to users. Also, encourage viewers of your videos to share the content. Sharing will boost the SEO ranking of your YouTube video.


Imagine your video has Subscribers


Subscription is one significant step that enhances your YouTube channel and increases optimization on search engines.   Ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Similar to that is to ask your viewers to like your video by clicking the like thumb-up button beneath your video. The more of thumbs up your video gets, the better for YouTube SEO boosts.

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