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SEO is a detailed and innovative process to boost the ranking of a website on search engines, for example, Google, Bing or Yahoo. One of the most significant reasons for optimizing a website is to increase the traffic to the website and convert the prospects into sales.

The question is “how to SEO a website.” A website must be fully-optimized, which means that it must be created with Google rules in mind. The following are the essential strategies of how to SEO a website.

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How to optimize SEO




The site must have high-quality content, which means that it should offer content that users will find valuable and worth reading or sharing.


URL structure


The site must have clean URLs to enable search engine robots to crawl them.


Light HTML files


The site must be compressed for fast loading speed because slow loading websites deter users.


Meta tags


The content on the site needs to have Meta descriptions and Meta keywords that help describe to search engines the nature of the article. Meta description also appears on search results, when a user searches


Header Tags


Header tags gives search engines a clear outline of how the content on the site is organized, especially in the order of what is essential. They also enable the reader to see the structure of the content for easy reading.




They include search phrases or terms that readers use to search for information on a search engine search box. Therefore, these search terms need to be appropriately integrated into the content, such as 2% of the entire content. They must be integrated seamlessly for the user to read naturally.

Images – Images are an essential part of the content on a website. However, search engine robots may not understand images; therefore, images must have ALT tags, which tell search engines what the photos represent in the content. Images also boost the visibility of a website, when optimized adequately with ALT tags.


Internal Linking


The content on the site must be interlinked, to direct readers to other pages and articles on the site. Robots also crawl through links. With properly inter-linked content on a site, robots can develop a clear picture of a website for purposes of indexing and ranking. Search engines also allocate page value based on links.


What does SEO stand for in marketing?


SEO in marketing introduces the concept of promoting the site to the users for increased traffic and sales. This entails the integration of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. These social sites are essential in marketing a website to the audience. They help provide backlinks to a website, which are significant ranking factors for a website on search engines.

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