One thing that every website owner or blogger longs for is to see their site or blog generate a lot of traffic and improve in terms of search engine optimization. Top-ranked search engines like Google continue to introduce new ranking factors, meant to enhance users’ interaction and millions of websites are keying into that today.

So, improving SEO ranking becomes the topmost agenda of most bloggers and website owners. How will they go about it, especially in the face SEO ranking occupying the driver seat of determining how well or poorly a blog or website performs? The strategy of ensuring that your blog or site is search engine optimized requires that you’re a little more savvy, creative and innovative with everything you’re doing.

Take a look at the three most potent SEO factors and strategies and factors you have to consider if you want your blog or site have dominance in search engines.

  • Make Your URL secure and accessible

One thing you must note while building your website is that Google visits every URL to assess the content of your page. Hence, make use of a URL that Google bots can craw and access easily. Your URL will need to get a sound .txt file which will send Google bots signals on where to or not to assess the website’s details. Regardless of the website developer software you use, your website should have a site map which will contain all related pages. And you can apply online site generators to achieve that.

  • High-Quality Optimized Content

This point cannot be overemphasized. When you have robust web pages, there is also the need to publish great web content that is SE optimized. High-quality content is as equally important as keyword research. So, when we mention terms like a link, user experience, rank-brain, and others, they all narrow down to how top-notch your content is. Google’s search algorithms, as well as other engines, rely heavily rely on the keywords present in your content. The keywords are terms associated with the content you’re publishing which are frequently used. Using keywords in your content is as essential, and even, more important than the content. But never overstuff keywords in your content. Also make sure your content is as unique, creative, fresh, and original as possible. If you use content from other sites, use canonical URL to inform Google which content has established authority over others.

  • Responsive Mobile User Experience

Your blog or website pages should not be slow, fluffy or unpleasantly dragging. They should be given the best user experience. One of the factors that search engines use in recent years to determine whether or not a blog will be optimized or get high SEO ranking is page speed. If your page is slow in loading, there are likelihood visitors will reduce and that could the render the page not gaining enough traction and traffic that it seeks. Google recently launched a search engine algorithm that will identify the speed rate of the mobile page of a website. Any mobile unfriendly pages which load very slowly could be suspended.

In all, try to apply these strategies and be careful not to run afoul of any of them. Finally, for a better SEO ranking, be more creative also and find out what other equally important factors which will make your site or blog get enough ranking.

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