Jakes had to reiterate the fact that creating top-quality content and using proper keywords alone do not guarantee a high ranking on search engines. There is another effective strategy you can deploy. You’ve got to be aggressive in becoming a ranked master over all other competing sites. To outrank them you’ll need to create a partnership with all higher blogs by trying to earn links from them.

They are definitely blogs that have established authority websites and can attract visitors to your blogs, promote your content and build your brand. The truth is that you have to let your blogs link up with top-notch ones.

What are these links?

Sometimes you find them as external links, backlinks or inbound links. They refer to pointers used from one site to another which search engines identify as a signal of importance and authority of one site over others. These links connect pages using the same domain name perform a similar function in a site or blog. The signals sent by the external links are seen by Google or any other top-ranked search engines as indicating that the website is authoritative

Links give birth to Link Profiles

Link profiles refer to the entire review of all the backlinks that your website has earned through sending of signals. The assessment is done based on quality, amount and diversity of the inbound links. The link profiles pay a huge role in helping search engines rate how your blog relates to other authoritative websites. You can utilize SEO systems which enable you to analyze your link profile to follow up on assessment markup.

Then the Backlinks

After your link profile is the backlinks. A backlink is simply a hyperlink that connects your blog or site to another blog or blog page. Backlinks are a huge factor in determining the value and attractiveness of your blog.

How Do you create Quality Backlinks

There are effective ways to build quality backlinks and one of such is to send signals or graphics to your customers to signify mutual respect to earn links. In fact, with your blog, you have just earned the thumbs-up from Google engineers because they also recommend publishing a blog as a strategy to build backlinks. All you have to do is to ensure you publish up-to-date and useful content on different themes that will earn a lot of listings, links, mention, likes, shares, and comments. You could also refurbish content that gets a lot of traction from most customers and retains their followership for the longest possible time.

To keep up with the building trail of your backlinks, try to track down the link growth in your blog. Use SERP Analysis, a keyword explorer which enables you to view the top pages’ ranking in your target keyword term.

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