Many people ask this question often: how long does SEO take? This question revolves around the desire to know when precisely a website will appear on search engine results (SERPS), especially for new websites. It is also common to find questions, such as, “when exactly will my website appear at position #1 on Google.”

The answers to the entire questions are intricate. SEO is a long-term journey for a website. It takes time before websites begin to acquire tangible traction on search engines, after SEO. It is also possible to find a brand new website that is optimized, and with high-quality content, garnering high ranking on search engines.

However, tangible and strong SEO effect takes some time. It takes even longer for a website to get to position one on search engines for a competitive keyword.


How long before seeing results after starting SEO?


This equally cannot be answered objectively with a straight answer. However, it is proven that a lot of SEO variables determine how fast a site can begin showing results as illustrated below:


Web site design


The way a website is designed or created is crucial, as it determines whether it can be optimized or not.
The theme of the website – The theme of the website also plays a significant role in the speed of ranking. Some themes are built for SEO, while others are not.




These are types of software that can be plugged in a site to help run certain functionalities or modules in a site. Some plugins slow the speed of a site, while others may affect site crawling or indexing, further reducing the time of ranking.
Domain age – The older a domain, the higher the chances of ranking fast on search engines. Old domains have garnered traction online.



Well written Meta descriptions and keywords can help increase ranking speed because they increase crawling and indexing of web pages.
Geographical location – A large geographic location indicates low chances of ranking fast as compared to a small geographic location. It is therefore important to begin by targeting a small location and expand gradually.




They determine the competition in a given industry. Keywords with low competition rank faster as compared to highly competitive keywords.


SEO tools


SEO tools used in optimizing a website may determine whether the site will rank faster or not. Some SEO tools are not recommended; for example, article spinners, automated social media posting tools or link building tools. Such tools may appear unnatural to Google and thus wrong. Continued use of non-recommended SEO tools can dampen ranking.

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Rather than worrying much about when a website will rank or when SEO practices will generate good results, learn how to boost SEO for the long-term. Long-term strategies, such as generating high-quality articles constantly will result in fast and stable results.

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