A common question asked by newbies to SEO is : What is SEO?. No doubt, there are countless articles online that have defined and explain the term SEO.

However, this article seeks to explain SEO in the simplest way possible.


What is SEO?


SEO is an acronym for Search  Engine Optimization. It simply means optimizing a website or blog for a particular “Search Term”, technically called “Keyword”, so that when someone performs a search on i.e. Google, the website or blog will show on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for that search term (keyword). In other words, if a website or blog is not optimized for a particular keyword, it won’t show on the SERPs.

The video below shows the first five results for the search term “Flower Shop” on Google search engine.



It is important to note that, the website or blog that is optimized properly will “Rank” high on SERPs.  That is to say, the first result on the SERPs of either Google, Yahoo or Bing is more optimized than the second, third, fourth, fifth etc (according to the search engine’s algorithm)


How to do SEO


In other to be successful in your SEO campaign, you need to put into consideration two factors :

  1. Onpage SEO (also referred to as onsite)
  2. Offpage SEO (also referred  to as offsite)


On page SEO (onsite)



Onpage SEO entails all the activities you do “On” a webpage or blog post in other to optimize the web page or blog page for the search term (keyword), so that when someone looks up that particular search term on i.e. Google — the web page/site shows on the search results.

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You may ask, what are the things to do on a website or blog site in other to make the website or blog site rank high on SERPs?

In many cases, on page SEO involves editing web page (adding keywords in strategic places), tweaking a web page by adding HTML codes — all of which are geared towards optimizing the web page for search engine visibility (ranking).



Off-page SEO (offsite)



On the other hand, off-page SEO entails the all the things you do “On” a webpage/site or blog post/blog in other to optimize the web page or blog post for the search term (keyword), so that when someone looks up that specific search term on i.e. Google — the web page shows on the search results. The activities that are mostly done for off-page SEO are: Link building, Social Signals, Local Citations and much more.

Submitting high-quality articles to high authority sites and linking back to a website for purpose of improving the ranking of this website is a popular practice amongst website or blog owners. This practice is highly frowned upon by Search Engines. As a matter of fact Google penalizes website owners for this.


Why should a site be optimized ?


Websites that are optimized are often easily crawled and indexed by search engine robots. A properly optimized site has a high search engine ranking quality, compared to a poorly optimized site. 

It is important to note that, before optimizing any website, it is highly recommended to conduct a properly “keyword research”. You definitely want to know the search volume for your niche keyword, the difficulty level of the keyword, other keywords associated with your niche keyword etc.

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What is SEO marketing?


SEO marketing  is simply a technical term used to describe the art of optimizing your website or blog so as to drive organic traffic from the first page of search engine result pages. Meaning, you are automatically marketing your website or blog if you make an effort to optimize it for certain keyword or keyword phrases.

Simply put, every activities you do On-page and Off-page in other to get your website or blog to rank on the first page of SERPs can be termed “SEO Marketing” — as simple as that.


Why is SEO important?


SEO is important, especially in this modern day and age, where nearly everyone has a phone that is connected to the internet. Not to forget the growing culture  of “looking up everything online”, be it for the sake of learning or shopping.

A proper optimized website can increase your bottom by more than 80%. See this article.

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Final words


There you go that is an idiot guide to “what is SEO”. Search Engines like Google constantly updates their rules (algorithm) that outlines how websites rank on SERPs. Apparently, Google and other Search Engines based their ranking factors explicitly on authority and the value a website or blog offer to users.

Therefore, it is of great importance to hire professional SEO services to help in ranking your website or blog. It is important to note that ranking a website could take as long as 6 months. It all depends on how competitive is the keyword and the type of niche. However,  you will definitely see a significant improvement on your site ranking during during the 6 months period.

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